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Water Gardens by Allscape Inc.

Water Garden Solutions

  Water gardens are the greenest way to solve drainage issues. In fact, some cities will pay you to put a water garden in instead of connecting to the storm sewer.

Water gardens are basically an eight inch depression in the ground, usually in the lowest part of your yard. We dig the depression in a natural shape that fits your property. Then inside that depression we plant only plants that like water around their feet. We also pick plants that bloom at different times of the year, so we can keep color in the garden through three seasons. Then we use natural stone to line the edge and accent the garden.

3 reasons why some cities may subsidize your water garden:.

  1. Storm water is the biggest contributor to our oceans pollution problem. This is because fertilizer and chemicals in your lawn run off into the streams, rivers, and eventually the ocean.
  2. It cost the city more money to handle excess storm water than it costs for the city to aid in your water garden installation.
  3. Water gardens allow the water to filter through the ground instead of running off into streams, rivers, and eventually the ocean.

All our work comes with a five-year guarantee on parts, labor and with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Water Gardens

 Allscape Water Garden Pics

water garden
water garden
water garden
water garden

Sprinkler Start Up

 $75 plus $5 per zone for any irrigation system

Sprinkler Turn On

  With this service, you get one working hour of free labor to be used for sprinkler changes and repairs, or it can be applied to any of our other services.

You also receive! Free service call to be used for sprinkler issues after the startup or for a midseason checkup.

Every season an RPZ certification is required by ordinance.


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